choicesart11Why become a Taylor Protocols VAR?

Because joining our network of 300+ VARs gives you direct access to over 20 years of proven technology experience in business optimization and turnaround. We'll empower you to help businesses find their top performers.

Who is the Value Added Relationship (VAR) program for?

  • Business Consultants

  • Executive Coaches

  • HR or OD Specialists

  • Communications Leaders

How does the VAR program work?

As a new VAR, you are trained in the methodology and implementation of our revolutionary assessment, The Core Values Index™ (CVI). With a 97.7% repeat-score reliability, it's the most reliable and powerful human assessment on the market. You can use the CVI to measure and quantify your clients' employees, ultimately helping individuals rise to their place of best contribution within an organization. It's the 80/20 principle at work.

Our VAR certification & license process will:

Teach the fundamental understanding of the Core Values Index™.
Expose you to our “Best Practice Coaching Model” that can be applied to any individual or people system.
Apply practical experience using the CVI™ showing you how to gain a higher level of human consciousness for the individuals, teams or any people system in your circle of influence.
Cause a shift in understanding between the “Gold Standard” behavioral assessments and associated
hiring tools, and our new system of understanding what we call Core Value Consciousness™ & our Pre-Hiring Sciences™.
Help your practice increase revenue and effectiveness by providing user status to the 80/20 Protocol Suite™.

susan_katz“As a business and executive coach, Taylor Protocols has provided me with a new way to approach businesses that I’d not previously had in my “tool box”. I like the fact that when I tell people about the Taylor Protocols hiring process, I am able to guarantee that the company will hire an A or B player!” – Susan Katz 


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